Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Top 5 Back to School Gifts

Teachers work hard (way harder than we give them credit for!) and deserve a little pampering!  Here are my Top 5 Back to School Gift Ideas featuring Young Living Products.

1.  Add a little Zyng in their day with Young Living's new NingXia Zyng.  Young Living describes their new products as "a light, sparkling beverage that delivers a a splash of hydrating energy".  Cheaper than a Red Bull and without all the nasty chemicals, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.  Instead it delivers energy with its proprietary blend of pure black pepper and lime essential oils, wolfberry puree, and white tea extract.  Plus, it's only 35 calories!

2.  Help them combat normal stresses that creep into the life of every teacher with Stress Away!  I love this unique stress-relieving combination of Lime and Vanilla!  A delicious treat to the senses.  Plus, it's also available in a roll-on!  As a homeschool mom, I definitely appreciate this oil.

3.  Pamper them with Evening Peace Bath and Shower Gel to help soothe away stress and tension at the end of the day.  The combination of botanical ingredients and essential oils helps soothe those tired muscles from being on their feet all day.  Or, make them a basket full of all of Young Living's Bath and Shower Gels.

4.  Add a Dead Sea Bath Salt to pamper their skin and treat them to an indulgent spa experience right at home.

5.  Gift them a diffuser (the USB Orb Diffuser is a great option for the classroom) and a bottle of oil.  Perhaps "Release" to help them let go of frustration and promote a sense of harmony and balance, "Peace and Calming" for relaxation and centering meditation, or "Gathering" to overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life.

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils?  Please contact me!

Don't forget these Back to School Essentials for your children:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Affirmations in the Homeschool Classroom


Speak life into you and your children.  There is power in affirmations.  They are calming and give you confidence and joy.  They can quickly transform a negative attitude into a positive one.  They give momentum, are are a favorite way for us to start out our homeschool day!

We incorporate essential oils into our daily affirmations.  Essential oils have a high vibration and frequency.  Gary Young takes great care as he creates a blend to make it with a specific frequency and intention in mind.  Essential oils activate the limbic portion of the brain, which then works with the hypothalmus area of the brain and the pituitary gland to stimulate emotion and various actions.

Here are some of our favorite affirmations to prepare for our school day:

Brain Power is especially useful when learning a new or particularly difficult concept.  If I child seems "stuck" or frustrated, I will apply Brain Power to their temples and base of their neck and have them repeat the affirmation.

And for your younger children, there is now a specially designed oil just for kids!  Help your child stay on task with this blend of Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, Palo Santo, Melissa, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Galbanum, and Angelica.  This is an excellent blend to diffuse for young minds that are focusing and concentrating on products or learning new concepts.  Diffuse while your child is doing homework or reading to open their mind and foster positive thoughts.  As a homeschool mom I absolutely love this oil!

This one is particularly useful when our children just want to run, spin, stand on their heads, etc.  There is a time to move, but there is also a time to be still!

And for those times when we head to co-op or leave the house for any reason:

For fellow homeschooling moms, I suggest you stock up on this oil.  Write out your "why" for homeschooling and use this oil and affirm your why.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" ~Galatians 6:9

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils?  Please contact me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

4 Reasons You Need Boggle Jr in your Homeschool Classroom!

I cannot remember whether someone generously gave us Boggle Jr. or if we found this gem at a garage sale, but it has been a favorite in our homeschool classroom.

Spell a word with the letter dice. Have the child sound out the word and find the matching picture card.

Place the sight word flash card in the holder (cover up the word for more advanced students) and match the letter dice to the flash card. 

I will say one of their spelling words and the child will spell the word using the letter dice. I will then reveal the flash card of the word and the child will check his/her work, make any necessary corrections, and repeat the word and its spelling aloud.

Occasionally I will have them roll the letter dice and I will try to make a word out of their roll. The student will then phonetically sound out the word and try to use it properly in a sentence.

Mix it up and keep it fun! There are so many possibilities with this Boggle Jr.  Sometimes we will play a game to see how many times they have to roll the dice to spell each word. Other times we see how many words they can spell or sound out in a certain amount of time.  We do not limit ourselves to the cards that come with the game, but often use our own flashcards to go with that week's lesson.

Happy learning!

For more CVC phonics fun, check out Treehouse Climb in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cleaning your home can be deadly!

Seriously, cleaning your home can be deadly!

Women who clean their homes have a 54% higher death rate from cancer!  As a stay-at-home wife who is responsible for most of the cleaning of the household, and as a mom who encourages our children to work alongside me, that is very disturbing!
Let's look at some other statistics:
Breast Cancer rates DOUBLED in women who used the most common cleaning products.
(Study by Zota, et Al, Published in Environmental Health, 2010)
Household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollutants!
(1985 study by US EPA)
2 children die everyday from accidental poisonings at home.  The largest number of poisonings each year are due to cleaning products.
(American Association of Poison Control Center)
According to the CDC, 150 chemicals most commonly found in household cleaners are linked to:
Triclosan, an endocrine disrupter found in Antibacterial Products, is linked to
To that I say, "No Thank You!"  Not for me, and not for my family!

So, what can you do.  Some of you may have made the switch to the so-called "Green Cleaners".  I bought into the whole "Green Clean" for a while.  But did you know that to be awarded the "Green Seal", the items only needs to be manufactured in an environmentally responsible matter.  There are no toxicological requirements for the products.  The Green Seal protects the environment, not people!  In fact, when I check out my "green" soap on it received an "F" rating for concerns of cancer and asthma!  UGH! 

Read my Toxin Free Family post to find all the hidden chemicals in your home! 

That is why I was so thankful when I found Thieves Household Cleaner.  It is 100% plant and mineral based non-toxic household cleaner made with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  It is concentrated for various applications and gets your home squeaky clean without harming your health!

At first, it appears that Thieves Household Cleaner is pricey.  Let me break it down for you.  The cost of Thieves Household Cleaner used here is based on the wholesale 64 oz. bottle price, diluted as directed on the bottle.
Green Works cleaner averages $4.09 / quart.
Lysol Lemon averages $5.55 / quart.
Seventh Generation averages $7.35 / quart.
Thieves Household Cleaner is just $1.38 / quart.
Lysol Foam Cleaner averages $11.14 / quart.
Thieves Household Cleaner is just $2.66 / quart.
Windex averages $4.49 / quart.
Thieves Household Cleaner is just $0.84 / quart.
Revamp your cleaning close naturally and get rid of all those toxic chemicals!

Watch how our children clean the bathroom with just three capfuls of Thieves Cleaner:

Because Young Living cares so much about your total body Wellness, they released some awesome new Thieves products at convention this year.

Think about it... When you are washing dishes you are generally using hot water.  The heat opens the pores in your hands allowing toxins to easily rush in.  UGH!  So thankful Young Living developed a safe, effective Dish Soap from naturally derived ingredients to leave your dishes sparkling clean.  There are no chemicals, no dyes, and no synthetics to put your health at risk.  Instead, you benefit from the uplifting aromas of Thieves, Bergamot, and Jade Lemon! Doing dishes doesn't have to stink!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Keeping Little Ones Busy - Felt Board

Our Kindergartner and 1st Grader head back to (home)school today! With two other little busy boys plus a baby boy, homeschooling can seem daunting at times. We rearranged our tiny school room and shelving this year to give each girl their own small dedicated school space.

We also installed a felt board (a very thoughtful gift from Grandma) to help keep the toddlers busy. I cut out felt pieces to match our poem of the week (which we read during circle time with the whole family). This week's poem is titled "The Storm" by Sara Coleridge (part of Heart of Dakota's "Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory" early learning program). 

How do you include toddlers in your homeschool day? Comment below with some of your best tips for keeping little ones busy.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cardboard Castle

I'm convinced all kids need as far as toys is a good cardboard box. When a coworker called and asked if we would be interested in this big screen tv box, we quickly said yes! With a box knife, sharpie marker, and a little bit of TLC my husband turned an ordinary box into a castle.

Hours of imaginary play!  They made a battle flag...

Did some interior decorating...

And even slept peacefully inside the castle walls!

What are some of your children's favorite cardboard creations?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Vanilla Spice Pancakes (gluten free, nut free, protein packed)

I bought these gems at Young Living convention and could not wait to try the new Pure Protein Complete!
It comes in two flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla Spice) and is packed with 25g of protein per serving! It's optimal 5-protein blend ensures a complete profile range of amino acids. Beneficial ancient peat and apple extract is added to support ATP production, which is the energy currency of the body. Plus, enzymes and probiotics have been added! Love this product!  The Iron Cowboy James Lawrence used this product while completing 50 ironmans in 50 days in 50 states!

To add some protein to an otherwise carb filled breakfast, I decided to try some in our pancakes this morning and am so pleased with the result. Our daughte exclaimed, "These are so good you don't even need syrup on them!"  One cannot keep such a recipe to themselves so here it is for you to try. Oh, and what's even better, is they are gluten and nut free!

Vanilla Spice Pancakes
(Gluten Free, Nut Free, Protein Packed)

*1 scoop (1/4 cup) Vanilla Spice Pure Protein Complete
*1 3/4 cup Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour
*4 tsp. Baking Powder
*1/2 tsp. Salt
*2 eggs
*2 cups Milk
*2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
*1/4 cup Melted Butter

Mix dry ingredients. blend in wet ingredients. Cook and Enjoy!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I learned about raising boys... at a Young Living Convention

I just spent the past few days with 10,000 other like minded individuals at the Young Living Convention, and I learned quite a few things about raising boys. Now I know you are probably thinking, "isn't Young Living an essential oils company?" Yes, it is. But they are so much more than that! They are a company rooted in God and are a shining example of biblical values.  Here are just a few that I noted that I want to cultivate in our children, and especially our sons.

1. To glorify God
The Young Living convention started in prayer and throughout the entire weekend speaker after speaker gave glory and honor to God. That is a big risk for companies in America today! It showed humility and courage. May our boys grow up to honor and praise God regardless of what is popular or what others think of them. As we raise them we will teach them to hide Gods Word in their hearts, to pray, and to be bold for the gospel of Jesus Christ!

2. To live with purpose and never give up.
God created each and every person with a purpose.  Did you know in high school Gary Young was voted "most likely NOT to succeed"?!? Had he taken that to heart and listened to the lies of the devil rather than trusting in God that he were created for a purpose, Young Living would not be in existence today and therefore thousands and thousands of people would not be living a life of wellness and abundance today.  Kyle Maynard, motivational speaker and quadruple amputee, spoke at convention and he exemplifies a life of no excuses. Yes, he was born with a disability, and it would have been easier at the time for his parents to believe the doctors and professionals when they told them their son would never be able to do anything on their own. It would have been easier to continue to feed him and dress him. But instead they taught him and watched him fail over and over until eventually he succeeded. As a result, he is living on his own and has achieved amazing feats like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. May I teach our sons to know their God given purpose in life and to never let any obstacles get in the way.

3. To be good stewards. 
Young Living takes being good stewards of God's land and resources seriously, which is why they are the only essential oil company with the Seed to Seal promise. God did not tell us to worship the earth, but to rule over the earth and be wise stewards. Gary Young realizes that it was God's purpose from the very beginning of creation to give us plants and their oils for medicine, and he is wise in the way he handles them and his farms. May I teach our sons to be good stewards of all the resources God has given them, including their time and money.

4. To be adventurous.
Despite what culture says, God wired boys and girls differently, and I need to teach our boys to grow up and be men. Part of that is cultivating a spirit of adventure in them. Gary Young has literally gone to the ends of the earth to learn and find new essential oils. He is an explorer, a survivor, and borderline crazy at times (from a girls perspective anyway).  He has learned to harness his masculine strengths and use them to achieve his purpose. A new book will be coming out this winter that details Gary's life and I am so excited to read it. He lives a life of adventure! In fact, his belief is "If you aren't living life on the edge you're taking up too much space".

5. To be chivalrous.
Chivalry is dying in our country, but it is something I will teach our sons. When Mary Young walked on or off stage, Gary would escort her. It shows respect and courtesy. We have already trained JJ to open and hold the doors for me and his sisters, not because we are lazy and cannot open a door, but because it is a small act he can do that sends a message far more powerful than words.

 There are so many more values exemplified by Young Living that I could write about that I would like to teach our children. In front of 10,000 people on stage Gary Young asked for forgiveness if he has ever been quick with someone or unkind to them. He is humble and kind. The Gary Young Foundation is just one more example of their compassion and generosity. How refreshing to go to a work convention and receive such encouragement in personal development! 

I invite you to be a part of something good!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home School Year 2015-2016 Schedule

We are looking forward to another year of homeschooling!  We will have a 1st grader, Kindergartner, and Preschooler this year!  To keep things simple, everyone will be working out of Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory.  Bible, story time, history, and science will all be done together as outlined in Beyond Little Hearts.  Both girls are using their grade level for A Reason for Handwriting and we will be continuing with Saxon Math.  We will also continue with our notebooking (especially for science and geography) and sensory bins.

This is the first year that we will be participating in a home school co-op!  We are looking forward to learning and growing with new friends.

It is possible that our preschooler will also attend a MDO two times a week, but we are still working out those details.  

Are you starting to prepare for the upcoming school year?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Road Schooling... Penpals

It can be hard for children to be away from their friends and everyday routine.  Two weeks may not seem like a very long time to us, by our 5 year old assures me that is equivalent to "forever".  So to strengthen bonds while we are away (for any amount of time) we write letters to penpals, which includes family, friends, and people we have met along the way. It is also a fun and easy way to sneak in some handwriting and spelling practice!  

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

When thou walk along the way...

"And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." ~Deuteronomy 6:7

Perhaps the most exciting part about traveling is getting to see more of God's creation and sharing that with our children.  Getting out and exploring the world that God created brings up so many wonderful opportunities bask in His glory, to marvel at His design, and to talk of His mighty works and wondrous deeds.

Teachable moments surround us everyday.  May God help us to make the most of every moment and to diligently, intentionally, and purposefully teach our children.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Road Schooling... Painting with Nature

Well I packed paint in the RV, but forgot paintbrushes! Kenzie perked up and said, "I know, we can paint with pine cones!" The Bekkah saw a flower she wanted to paint with. Before you know it we had a table full of nature "brushes"!

We had so much fun and loved the results! 

Are there any times an "oops" led you to be a little creative?

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(5 Kids age 4 months to 6 years)