Monday, August 17, 2015

Keeping Little Ones Busy - Felt Board

Our Kindergartner and 1st Grader head back to (home)school today! With two other little busy boys plus a baby boy, homeschooling can seem daunting at times. We rearranged our tiny school room and shelving this year to give each girl their own small dedicated school space.

We also installed a felt board (a very thoughtful gift from Grandma) to help keep the toddlers busy. I cut out felt pieces to match our poem of the week (which we read during circle time with the whole family). This week's poem is titled "The Storm" by Sara Coleridge (part of Heart of Dakota's "Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory" early learning program). 

How do you include toddlers in your homeschool day? Comment below with some of your best tips for keeping little ones busy.

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