Monday, May 9, 2011

Make-It-Monday: Sit Upon

We were cleaning out my parent's basement and found a scrap of naugahyde (artificial leather).  Since we were going camping the following day my mom thought of a great idea to use it to make a "Sit Upon" for "M".  We made them in Girl Scouts when we were younger and we thought it would be something fun for "M" to do while we set up the campsite and it would then give her something to sit on.

18"x14"piece of naugahyde (a vinyl tablecloth will work too)
Section of newspaper folded into thirds (so it will be about 8"x13"
hole puncher
large needle (for yarn)

1.  Fold the piece of material in half (so it will be 9"x14") and punch holes about every 3/4" around the outside.
2.  Place folded newspaper inside.
3.  Sew shut with yarn.

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Sydney's Mommy said...

I had to chuckle to myself, we have that very same outfit for Sydney :)