Monday, May 2, 2011

Hand-made Flowers for Mother's Day

Today my parent's celebrated their wedding anniversary!  Since the girls and I are staying with them this month we made a vase of Hand Flowers for them to come home to.  I am honestly not sure where I originally got this idea.  I know I saw it on a blog or in a book or magazine, but cannot recall where.  Mother's Day is just around the corner and these would make a great gift for Moms and Grandmas, so here is a little tutorial.

1.  Trace and cut out handprints on different colored sheets of construction paper.  I used three different colors and for each color traced two handprints of "M" (she is much more patient) and one of "Boo". 

2.  Tape a skewer or stick to the back of each hand.

3.  Roll the hand around the stick and connect with some tape.

4.  Curl out the "fingers" to look like flower petals.

5.  Assemble in vase.


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Rebecca said...

These are super cute! A great mother's day idea too! Thanks for sharing and linking up at favorite things friday! Hope to see you again this week!