Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wellness Challenge - Day 1

Tomorrow morning we are kicking off our 14 day Wellness Challenge! I will be posting the next days Wellness Challenge here each evening.  I look forward to learning, growing, and being challenged with all of you!

Unlike other boot camps where you dive right into a 5 or 7 day frenzy of workouts and clean eating, we are going to ease into this challenge, adding new healthy habits each day.  Today we will start with the foundation: God and Spiritual Well-Being.   Upon arising drink a tall glass of filtered water with your choice of citrus oil added.  Then, curl up with your Bible, Journal, Pen, and either concordance or electronic device, and be ready to spend some time with God. If you are like me and have little ones, your mornings may not always go perfectly as planned. It seems the earlier I set my alarm, the earlier the littles rise. Invite your children to crawl up with you, as God instructs “Let the little ones come to me”.  Read some verses and have them draw a picture or make up hand motions to go with the verses.  If all of our children are awake it is sometimes easier to cut up a melon real quick and sit at the table with them while I study, journal, and pray.  Show grace to yourself and them.  

Day 1: Believe

ANOINT: apply 2-4 drops of Believe essential oil (dilute if necessary) over your forehead, temples, and heart. Cup hands over face and inhale deeply.

***Believe (New Formula) essential oil blend has been formulated with Idaho blue spruce and ylang ylang from the Young Living farm in Ecuador and has a pleasing aroma that is both grounding and invigorating. This blend contains Idaho balsam fir and frankincense essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith. With other complementary oils, the combination in this blend may help assist as you move to a higher level of awareness. As you are able to move past emotional setbacks and barriers, you will be able to reach your true, unlimited potential.

Encourages clarity and enlightening thoughts.
Brings a sense of peace and awareness and is spiritually grounding.
Promotes relaxation and confidence.***

Go to or use a concordance. Search believe (may also want to search similar words like belief and unbelief).  Scroll through the verses. Click on the verse to read them in context or look them up in your own Bible. What do you notice about belief and unbelief?

Copy Mark 9:23,24 and Mark 11:22-24.

How is unbelief keeping you from a living a life of wellness? Are you standing on the promises of God, resting in Him? Are you trying to do too much in your own strength; carrying unnecessary burdens? Are you believing the lie that you are slave to the genes you inherited from your parents? Or are you believing you are fearfully and wonderfully made; designed to do good works? 

“Your belief system is the most important part of controlling your body, mind, will, and emotions. No other single most important ingredient of who you are is expressed more than through your belief system.  As we have learned earlier it is your belief system that causes you to think you can or think you can't. What you believe is what you have, but most of us were told we couldn't before we knew that we could! Think you can and you will. Max and I believe you can,(I, Jessica, believe you can), Jesus believes you can. Now agree with us so you can declare and see the Word of God established in your life as Jesus said, ‘Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.’ (Matthew 18:19).” Excerpt from “The ABCs of Building your Young Living Organization” by Karen Hopkins

Declare all things are possible to those who believe!  

Share with your family and our group one verse that impacted you. 

Head to the kitchen and take a shot of NingXia Red and pour yourself another glass of water. You are now ready to start your day.  At some point today, go on a walk. Look for ways that God displays his love, mercy, faithfulness, and power. “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” (Romans 1:20)

Congrats! You completed Day 1 of the Wellness Challenge. I am so glad you decided to take this journey and I believe you will finish what you started.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Get Outside and Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

Studies continue to show the tremendous benefits of being outside:
*Boost in Immune System
*Reduction Hyperactivity
*Increases Attention and Retention
*Improves Academic Performance
*Supports Creativity, Problem solving
*Promotes Cooperation (great way to encourage siblings to get along)
*Integrates the Senses

I see firsthand how getting outside has benefited our own family.  As we were hiking this past week near a creek our oldest daughter, who has a tendency to be anxious and unable to focus, remarked, "This is my happy place.  It's so relaxing!".

 Sitting quietly, listening, and distinguishing between various outdoor sounds has helped our five year old overcome some of her struggles with sensory and auditory processing.  Our son with speech delays comes out with new words and more organized phrases after every hike.  Since we have started intentionally spending more time outside and hiking, I have also noticed a decrease in stress levels and a boost in our immune systems. 

A fun way to get outside, explore, and learn is with a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  You can do these over and over again, as each adventure is new, exciting, and different.  A Scavenger Hunt is designed to help your child explore his or her surroundings using various senses.  You can download our FREE Look, Listen, and Feel Scavenger Hunt.  Students may want to snap picture of their finds or draw them in a nature journal.  

Often times our scavenger hunts lead to lots of excitement over one really neat find.  I love to build on opportunities to build more on that.  Recently we found a deer skull in the woods.  That lead to an afternoon of researching together what deer eat, why it was a good habitat for deer to live in, and what animals eat deer.  This lead to a whole other lesson of food chains.  

Days like this make homeschooling so delightful.  Schedule time to take advantage of the many benefits of "unstructured" learning outdoors.

Don't forget to grab your FREE DOWNLOAD!  

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