Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tot School Tuesday: Water World

We are still staying with my parents so our schedule is very off, but we did some crafts and a lot of reading this week. 

This idea came from Family Fun Magazine.

 Paint and decorate egg cartons to create sea animals.  We made a fish and some jellyfish.

Last week we collected some toad eggs and watched the tadpoles grow.  We are still watching the tadpoles in our container and also check the pond daily (there are millions of tadpoles there!).

WIKKI STIX: alphabet, words, art
Gammy came home one day with Wikki Stix as a treat for "M".  We used them to write out the alphabet and spell some "water world" words.  We also made some fish.

This idea is spun off from a craft in 365 Preschool Crafts & Activities.
Put blue paint on your fingertips to paint bubbles.
Put green paint on the side of your pinkie finger to paint seaweed.
Put orange paint on your palm and four fingers - stamp twice overlapping the palm so you make an octopus with 8 tentacles.

I turned the printables from the Ocean Animals and Pond Life Tot Books into "books".  "M" and "Boo" love looking at these.

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Julie said...

Fun Week! I really like the activities you did. And I especially love your daughters "smock"!! That made me laugh, but we're away from home too right now so I totally understand and will probably be using your idea very soon.

Cute blog you've got here too. I'm following you now :) We're a military family as well.