Monday, May 23, 2011

Make it Monday - Quick and Easy Snack Bags

Out of ziploc bags again!  It seems with two little ones in the house that I just cannot keep these around.  I had a few extra minutes today while the kids were napping so I decided to whip up some reusable snack bags out of some scrap material.  Trust me, it took much longer to write this blog entry than it did to make one of these.  You can use these for snacks (like animal crackers or cheerios) or anything you may need to toss into the diaper bag (pacifier, hair clips, handful of matchbox cars, etc.).  I think I may even make a few of these to organize scrap pieces of ribbon, odd buttons, etc.

1.  Find a scrap piece of material.

2.  Iron it and cut it to the size you want.  It just worked out that my scrap piece was about 22" x 6".

3.  Fold your scrap piece of material (right sides together) in half and sew around three of the sides (leave one of the short sides open for turning - it will get tucked in and sewn later.

4.  Turn your material so the right sides are now facing out.  Tuck in the unfinished edge and pin down.  Fold the material in half and then fold the top side down about 1.5 inches (see below).  Pin and sew as shown below.

5.  Remove pins, cut strings, wash, and enjoy!

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