Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tot School Tuesday: Little Hands to Heaven Unit 3

We are chugging right along with our Little Hands to Heaven and loving every minute of school time.  This week we focused on the letter "Cc", number 3, and Abraham and Sarah.  Here are some of our highlights of the week:

 We prepared a "picnic" and acted out Genesis 18:1-15, where Abraham is visited by three men sent from God to tell him that he and his wife Sarah will have a baby.

We also worked on the spelling of their names.  I had several activities planned around this, including matching the letters of their name with alphabet magnets, tracing their name with puffy paint, and finger painting over their name that I had spelled out with painter's tape (which I removed once the paint dried).

I added several printables from "Answers for Preschoolers" and other resources to compliment our main learning themes of the week:

I also added a few crafts, including making a sheep from card stock, cotton balls, and clothespins (relating to Genesis 13 where Abram and Lot separate).

We really enjoyed some of the items on our shelves this week, and it led to lots of creative play:


 "Getting strong like Daddy"

(I found these for $1 for a huge bag at a small shop in VT.  I couldn't pass up the deal and I'm glad I did not.  Great for lacing, patterns, sorting, etc.)

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