Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tot School Tuesday: LH2H Unit 4

The main themes for this week were Isaac and his sons, the letter "Dd",  and the number "4".  Here are some of our highlights straight out of the Little Hands to Heaven program:

Bible Activity: Rebekah said she would marry Isaac.  Look through a magazine and cut out four women to paste onto the Number Four page.
LH2H has an activity similar to this each week.  This is the first week that "M" actually found the photos herself and she did some of the cutting herself.  "Boo" is now able to do almost all of the gluing herself. 

Letter Activity: Tiptoe on the large "D", saying the sound as you go.

Letter Activity: Glue dried macaroni to the letter "D"


Painting with Balloons:
One of the Dramatic Play's in LH2H is to inflate a balloon to be "wrestled back and forth" to represent Jacob wrestling with the angel.  When we were done with this activity we decided to use our balloons to paint.

Texture Painting:
I mixed salt into brown and green paint and the girls each painted a textured desert scene to go along with the Fingerplay (One Dusty Camel).

Jacob's Ladder Craft: Idea and printable from Christian Crafts


Nesting Monkeys:
"M" especially loved these and was so proud of her monkey family.

Clay Cacti:
I put together a tray of chunks of brown clay, toothpicks, and photos of cacti.

Montessori Activity: Spooning Rice

Cutting Practice:
I picked up some free paint chips the last time we were at Lowe's.  "M" practiced cutting along the white lines between colors.

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