Monday, September 12, 2011

Make-It-Monday: Princess Fleece Tied Blanket

Taking "M" to the fabric store with me is worse than taking her to a toy store!  She will pick out all of her favorite fabrics and tell you exactly what she wants you to make out of it.  Recently she found some princess fleece and wanted me to make her a blanket.  Since my to-do tasks are piling up, I made the quickest, easiest blanket I know how and it is just perfect for her.  (And I apologize for no pictures along the way)

1.  Decide how big you want you finished blanket to be and add 10-11" to the length and the width.  (I had "M" lie down on the fleece and I estimated.)  Cut the fabric accordingly.  You will need 2 rectangles (the same size) and they can be the same or coordinating.  We had bought 1 1/2 yards of fleece, which is perfect for a small toddler/child, but you will probably want closer to 2+ yards if it is for anyone older.
2.  With wrong sides together, cut a 5"x5" square out of each corner.
3.  Every inch (around the entire blanket - through both layers) cut a 5" strip.
4.  Tie the top strip to the bottom strip.  I used a square knot.  Just make sure that you knot it the same way all the way around so your knots all look and lay the same.
5.  Cuddle up and enjoy sweet dreams!

Remember the pillowcase dress from last week?  "M" also picked out some "fairy" material while we were at the fabric store (and matching ribbon!!! - yes, she really picked out the coordinating ribbon all by herself while I was looking at patterns) and asked me to make her a dress.  At first I was not willing to spend the money on the material when we have piles of other material at home, but I found a piece of it in the remnant pile and got enough to make 2 dresses for just $2!!  The ribbon was the most expensive part of the dress! 

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Betsy said...

You've got a creative kiddo on your hands!! Cute blanket and dress though!!