Monday, September 26, 2011

Make-It-Monday - Peasant Dress

Honestly, it was a busy, full week and I got very little sewing done all week.  So while "Boo" took her nap earlier today, "M" and I whipped up this dress.  It took just over an hour, and was very simple.  I followed this tutorial which I had found on this Happy Together blog post.

"M" is normally around a size 3T.  The dimensions I used for the bodice were 15"x22", and for the sleeves I used 12.5"x8".  The elastic for the arms was 9", and 18" for the neck.  I did shape it into an A-frame, and I also had shaped the neck line (but I would not recommend doing that).  The tutorial is very detailed with lots of pictures, but essentially you just sew the arms to the bodice, and then make a casing for the elastic for the arms and neckline.  Hem the bottom and you're finished!



So cute!

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Angelia said...

i bet you could sell these and make extra cash. cute.