Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Vacations are for Learning

Vacations are such wonderful opportunities for learning!  They are full of new experiences and teachable moments.  I brought a few printables which you will see highlighted in next week's Tot School Tuesday, but for the most part our daily activities and adventures are guiding our learning.

To get there we had to drive on a 13 mile bridge/tunnel!
Teaching moments:
How to sign bridge in ASL.
Opposites "over" and "under".
Definition of "island".

Near my sister's house is a hiking trail through First Landing State Park which runs through a forest and swamp.  Along the trail they had a hut and canoe.  We learned about the parts of a tree (roots, trunk, branch, and leaves).
Some of our observations:
Roots made the ground bumpy.
The canoe was carved out of a tree trunk.
Branches could be used for the structure of the hut.
Leaves could cover the hut for protection from rain and other elements.

As we walked through the swamp we discussed animals that could live there.  "M" was very disappointed to learn that there were no elephants!

We were also very close to the beach, so we collected some shells and sand for some art projects.

My parents and sister have dogs, and "M" loved to study them.

"M" practiced some responsibility as she fed and walked the dogs.  Both dogs may need to go on a diet though when we leave!  "M" just loves giving them treats!

Lots of driving this week, so these are a few of the DVDs that helped "M" pass the time.

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