Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Using Teachers Pay Teachers in the Homeschool Classroom

"How do you do it all?" Oh, if I earned a dollar for every time I was asked that question, I would be a millionaire! 

Yes, we have seven kids. 

Yes, I do a lot. 

NO, I do not do it all!!! 

One thing having a large family has taught me is that I cannot possibly do it all, and lucky for me I do not have to. There are so many tools and resources I use that save me time and money (and even make some money!)

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of those resources. I love it as a buyer. Some people are wayyyyy more creative than me and I don't know everything!

I also love Teachers Pay Teachers as a seller. I really do love, love, love to make resources to supplement our homeschool, but it does take lots of time. Being paid for that time allows me to stay home and do other fun, educational things with our children.

I also love the idea of Teachers Pay Teachers in general because I know my purchases and sales are helping out real people like me... teachers and parents that just want to provide for their family and help their students learn. 

April 5th-6th Teachers Pay Teachers will be having a sale For You! Simply use the code FORYOU22 at check out to save up to 25%. 

I was also awarded a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card which I will be giving away. Simply visit my Teacher Pay Teachers store and give me a follow. Spring is the perfect time for the Survival Unit. I'm also working hard to add new resources every week. 

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