Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Oils for me Pirates

Shiver me Timbers! Thar a mighty fine loot!

Wet me pipe with NingXia Red!  Sweet and tangy with powerful antioxidants to keep ye buoyed up!  

Swab the decks with Thieves Household Cleaner! Concentrated and safe fer ye mates!

Stress Away do as ye says!  Be it a crew of picaroons or scallyways, ye stay jolly!  Arrrgh!

Lemon Vitality in due course on me bunny grub!  Add jolly good flavor to any meal!

Heave ho! Heave ho! Me work hard all day long and end me feeling like a sea dog!  PanAway and Copaiba Vitality soothe me tired muscles and keep me well.

Whether ye landlubber can’t find ye sea legs or ye ate too much Loblobby and HardTack, DiGize Vitality help ye stomach be jolly!

Sharkbait, sniff some Peppermint and get buoyed up!  Peppermint freshen me senses and cool me skin!

Me thinks for when I bum squabbled and devil to pay. Frankincense grounds me on the high seas, awakens my senses, and is in me Brain Power.

Ye Poxy, use Thieves o’ go ye down a Davy Jones’ Locker!  Boost ye immune system and stay away from ye scurvy!

Freshen up thee bilge rat and keep ye breathin sea air with Citrus Fresh and Raven.

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