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Part 1: Young Living Skincare for DRY Skin

Regardless of your skin type, Young Living offers Beauty and Skincare products designed for YOU!  In Part 1 of this series we will be exploring DRY Skin. 
Are your pores almost invisible?
Do you have a dull, rough complexion?
Do you have red patches or visible lines?
Is your skin less elastic?

If you answered yes to any of the above, stay tuned to learn how to cool and hydrate your skin.

Let's talk about cleansing.  There are several options.  If your skin is super dry you may prefer to use Young Living's V6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil as a cleanser.  Most people choose to use either the ART Gentle Cleanser or Orange Blossom Face Wash. 
ART Gentle Cleanser promotes glowing skin by washing away impurities with a soft, gentle lather. It is infused with skin-loving essential oils such as Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, Lemon, and Lavender.  Your face will feel clean and refreshed with a renewed, radiant look.

Suggested Use: Apply to wet hands, and with a circular motion, massage over face and neck. Rinse with warm water in preparation for ART Refreshing Toner. Use both morning and night.

Orange Blossom Facial Wash is a gentle, soap-free facial wash that cleanses the skin without stripping natural oils.  It contains MSM for softening and Lavender essential oil to soothe skin.  To extend the life of your Orange Blossom Facial Wash, fill 1/3 of a foaming pump bottle with the facial wash and the rest of the 2/3 fill with distilled water.

A few times per week you may choose to Exfoliate your skin with Satin Facial Scrub.  I am constantly receiving raving reviews on this product!  Satin Facial Scrub, Mint is a water-based exfoliant.  It contains jojoba oil, mango butter, MSM, aloe, and peppermint essential oil to minimize the appearance of pores and invigorate dull skin.  It cleans, nourishes, and stimulates all without harmful chemicals and without disrupting the skin’s natural pH balance. 

Did you know Toners remove impurities that may inhibit the efficaciousness of subsequent skin care products such as moisturizers, serums, and masques?  Toners can also help remove dead skin cells that dull the skin. 

In a matter of seconds, a simple sweep of ART Refreshing Toner can help balance your skin’s pH levels, reduce the appearance of pores, and completely remove any residual particles that cleansing may have missed. The perfect blend of essential oils and natural ingredients will leave your face clean, toned, and refreshed.  After cleansing, gently sweep over face and neck with a cotton round.

ART® Renewal Serum is an intricate blend of exotic orchid extract and essential oils that benefits the most delicate areas of the face. These premium ingredients are formulated to deeply nourish, hydrate, and help maintain a youthful appearance. 

To use: Wash face. Apply ART Renewal Serum to delicate areas of face 2 times daily and allow to absorb. For best results, follow up with your choice of Young Living’s moisturizing creams.

Did you know?  When properly hydrated, our skin cells can better replace themselves, which keeps us looking younger.  As we age, our skin becomes dryer, requiring more moisturizing. 

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™ contains pure essential oils like Frankincense and Sandalwood that moisturize the skin while minimizing shine and reducing the appearance of fine lines.  Using upward strokes, apply a small amount of wrinkle cream to face and neck.

Sandalwood Moisture Cream™ is a premium hydrating moisturizer infused with pure Young Living essential oils, including Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Coriander, Myrrh, Rosemary, and Bergamot.  Massage gently onto face, neck, and other desired areas. Use daily after cleansing and toning your face.

Rose Ointment™ is a deeply nourishing blend for dry skin. Rose essential oil improves skin texture, while Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) works to soothe rough, irritated skin.  This is a great ointment to use during the winter months!  Notice that it also includes lanolin, which makes it one of my best friends when nursing a new baby.  Apply to desired areas several times daily. Do not use on heat-stressed skin.

Based on your individual needs you may choose to add one of the following products to your skin care regimen to Refine.

Sheerlume Brightening Cream is an advanced formula powered by a sophisticated, proprietary blend of alpine botanicals and pure essential oils.  Sheerlume will visibly brighten and balance skin tone. 

Apply a thin layer of Sheerlumé™ on clean skin—face, neck, or hands. For best results, use morning andnight either alone or under your favorite Young Living® moisturizing cream.

Wolfberry Eye Cream is a natural, water-based moisturizer. Containing the antiaging and skin-conditioning properties of wolfberry seed oil, this cream soothes tired eyes and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. 

After cleansing and toning, massage gently onto soft skin under the eyes. Use in the evening.

The ART® Creme Masque is formulated to deeply moisturize skin using an exclusive blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils. Other spa-quality botanicals are added to help tighten and restore the look of youthfulness to the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Wash and dry face. Apply evenly to face. Let sit 20 minutes. Remove excess residue with moist towel.

The ART® Beauty Masque is a premium, orchid-based formula designed to nurture skin and leave it looking healthier and more radiant. Our blend of exotic orchid petals and pure essential oils nourishes and fortifies the most delicate areas of the face, helping promote a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Suitable for all skin types.

Wash face, apply mask to face, leave for 20 minutes, and then gently remove. For optimum results, combine with ART Renewal Serum.

Thank you for generously giving of your time to learn about Young Living’s Beauty and Skin Care Products. 

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