Thursday, March 29, 2012

End of March Garden Update

We have been busy busy working in the yard.  My dear hubby was out past dark last night digging holes for our pear trees (there will be pics of those in the next garden update).  Over the past few week he has also finished building the rest of our raised garden beds and I have most of them planted.  I am very excited to see so much green in our garden already!  We have the following plants planted already (most of these are heirloom seeds from Baker Creek):
Radish White Hailstone
Radish Saxa II
Beet Bulls Blood
Detroit Dark Red Beets
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Amsterdam Prickly Seeded Spinach
Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli
Sweet Basil
Common Thyme
Wild Zaatar Oregano
Clemson Spineless Okra
Old Homestead Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Sugar Snap Peas
Mideast Prolific Cucumber
Sagami Hanjiro Cucumber
Red Wonder Wild Strawberry
Onion Flat of Italy
Apple Mint
Yukon Gold Potatoes

I am hoping to get our transplants in soon, including:
Orange Bell Pepper
California Wonder Pepper
Chadwick Cherry Tomato
Pink Icicle Tomato
Ground Cherry
Florida Market Eggplant

With the exception of the Red Wonder Wild Strawberry, everything we planted has at least sprouted!  The kale from last year has started to flower.  The girls love picking and eating the buds - delicious!  They taste a lot like broccoli.

This is our first year planting potatoes.  If you are new to potatoes as well, there is an excellent video over at Deep Roots at Home.  We started with some organic Yukon Gold potatoes that I had in the pantry that had sprouted.  We just got these in the ground, so we'll see what happens!
Praying that the LORD blesses the work of our hands!

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