Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tot School Tuesday: Fall Fun and Reset Week

It seems as though it has been one thing after another lately, so we relaxed quite a bit on school these past two weeks.  I bought some baskets for $1 a piece at our local thrift store and put together a fall sensory basket for the girls.  They have had a blast with it.

I also went to the library and checked out about 20 books to go along with our upcoming Community Heroes theme (titles in future posts).  I put some in a basket and others along the windowsill.  While cooking dinner I found "M" curled up reading.

After dinner I put "Boo" down to bed, and came out to find that "M" had finished lining the rest of the books up along the kitchen windowsill.  She is developing such a love for books and enjoys having them all around.

And there was lots of play time (both organized and free).  I am really enjoying watching their imaginations bloom. 

"Boo" was so proud of herself for climbing up on sister's bike.

Working hard!

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