Thursday, July 7, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge

When the challenge first started in March we only had one raised bed planted:

We now have three raised beds planted and one potter:

We had a good harvest of peas before the tornados/storms destroyed/drowned them.

We had several huge harvests of parsley, but the plants turned mostly to seed and were overtaken by caterpillars.

The kale is doing wonderful!  We have had several harvests and just love Kale Crisps!

We harvested a few beets (and just replanted more):

The squash, zucchini, okra, and cucumbers are just beginning to take off.

I bought some mint a few weeks ago and planted it in a potter.  It has done very well and I thoroughly enjoy sipping some fresh mint sweet tea after working outside!

We just bought wood to make 6 more raised beds that we hope to have ready for the fall planting!

How is your garden growing?

Visit the HSV Garden Challenge for more inspiration and gardening tips!

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Zonnah said...

Fresh mint sweet tea sounds soooo good. I need to get some mint now :)