Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delighting in the Unexpected

I am a planner.  I like to know exactly how my day is going to go each and every day.  Breakfast, circle time, craft time, story time, play time (inside and outside)... a typical morning filled with learning and lots of fun. 

"Can't get me wet!"

"Boo" did not like the sprinkler!

By the time lunch rolls around I am counting down the minutes to nap time!  Oh how I look forward to those two hours of quiet.  It's a time to refresh and recharge; a time to reset and get ready for the rest of the day.  (It is rare that I ever get "M" and "Boo" down at the same time for a nap, but "Boo" will usually play quietly at my feet while I spend some time with the Lord and accomplish what needs to be done.  I am watching my nephew this summer who does not nap, but does spend that time working quietly on a project or reading books.)  Well today was a treasure - both girlies went down for a nap at the same time!  I thought I would go outside and get some yard work done first before it got too much hotter.  I had my nephew come outside to help me turn over the compost pile, and we were almost done when we spotted a teeny tiny turtle!  My nephew was very interested in the turtle and so we quit the yard work to build this little fellow a temporary home.  We finished that task and were about a half hour into nap time when I went into the kitchen to do a quick clean, make some coffee, and enjoy some quiet time... that was the plan anyway... But the plan was once again interrupted when the girls prematurely woke up.  "M" was very excited to see the turtle and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the turtle, researching turtles (which even involved a trip to the library), and drawing pictures of turtles.  It was not at all how I had planned for the afternoon to go... the yard work was left unfinished, the house never got cleaned, and I missed out on my few minutes of peace and quiet (for the moment anyway).  But looking back it was the most perfect kind of day - filled with joy, laughter, and smiles (and we even learned a bit along the way!).  It must have worn the girls out too because they were sound asleep by 7pm - turns out I'll have those quiet hours after all!

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Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Very cool!! I love turtles! Sometimes its great to be flexible.