Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Fridays - Espresso

Oh how I love a delicious Latte... I know they are not healthy, but I call them my "sanity juice".  However, at $5+ a drink, it can be very easy for our family to spend $100 or more a month at the coffee shop!  That is half of our "eating out" budget!!! Oh how happy we were when my parents bought us a Saeco 00347 Aroma Espresso Machine, Black for Christmas! 

I love my espresso machine because...
1.  Cost - I've estimated that each latte costs approximately $1.50 to make, which is a $3-$4 savings (sometimes more!) per drink.  You can get this cost down even lower when you buy the coffee and flavoring when it's on sale and/or with coupons.
2.  Healthier - I choose to use goat milk (sometimes organic cow milk), as well as organic flavorings when I can find them.  I also have the option of making it decaf.
3.  Faster - I used to think otherwise, but I timed myself this morning and my latte was complete (made and dishes done) in 6 minutes.  I am convinced that I cannot unbuckle the kids, get them out of the car, drag them into a coffee shop, and juggle everyone and the drinks back out to the car in this amount of time (nor can you order and make it through a drive-thru line), let alone the detour to the coffee shop.
4.  Tastier - I make it how I like it; using the coffee I love, the flavorings I want, and the temperature that's just right for me.


Of course you could get the milk fresh from your cow or goat, grow and grind your own coffee beans, and I'm sure you can somehow make your own flavorings.  I'm not there yet... maybe someday!
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Lea Ann said...

I am thinking I need one of these! Yummo! =)