Sunday, October 29, 2017

Oils of Ancient Scripture - Part 3

We will be wrapping things up today by looking at four more Oils of Ancient Scripture, but be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

To learn more about Seed to Seal, read about my recent trip to one of Young Living's farms in Mona, Utah.  

Essential oils are becoming more common place today.

With their varied uses we see their benefits to mankind becoming more and more mainstream. In ancient times when these oils were used often, they were highly regarded and treasured. May we treasure the gift of essential oils God gave use and use them daily. We must remember that scripture is full of meanings that we have no grasp of because we do not live in that time period.  Just because the practice of using essential oils may be new to you, or another “group” has used God’s gift improperly calling it New Age or something else, this should not deter us from following God’s word.

Of the many oils we have just learned about, some were given to Jesus during his ministry, why? God created the many actions for these oils, for their physical attributes, yes; but also for their action in supporting our mind or feelings, our emotions. 

I encourage you to research each oil, not only the ones we have just studied for their benefits to our feelings and discover why God had them given to Jesus at particular times in His ministry. 

The Young Living Lifestyle is waiting for you!  When you are living the Young Living lifestyle, every aspect of daily living is enriched through the use of the essential oils and the many oil-infused products. The time is now. NOW - for getting your nutrition habits in order, NOW for using and experiencing YL essential oils and the many other essential oil infused products in your daily life, NOW for learning how incredible our oils are, how the hope and possibilities are endless. Now is the time. What are you waiting for??’

Well you are probably waiting for me to tell you HOW!  

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The Oils of Ancient Scripture retails for $262.83, but as a member you pay just $199.75.  It's also 199.75PV, which means if you grab the Premium Starter Kit and the Oils of Ancient Scripture, you'll only need one additional item (perhaps a lip balm to survive these winter months) to reach 300PV and receive your Free FRANK!

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