Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Goblin Valley State Park - Explore Nature's Playground

Utah is full of unique, hidden surprises!  Goblin Valley State Park in Utah may be a bit off the beaten path, but it is the ultimate playground and a favorite among kids (young and old)!  

Accessible via Highway 24 (a scenic drive itself), Goblin State Park is a valley of hundreds of geologic goblins formed where soft sandstone has been eroded by wind and water.  If you have a little girl, chances are you have seen the movie Frozen at least 100 times.  Remember the scene with the "Rock Trolls"?  That is what Valley of the Goblins reminded us of!  Be careful, you may just find yourself singing, "Is it the clumpy way he walks? Or the grumpy way he talks? Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped, weirdness of his feet?"  ("Fixer Upper" from Frozen Soundtrack).

Camping at the State Park is somewhat primative.  There are no hookups at the sites.  Generators are allowed during daytime hours and there is a dump station and rest room.  The picnic tables are covered, which provides sweet relief from sun and rain (we had both extremes during our stay).  The wind does come up pretty quickly and swiftly, so if you are in an RV make sure you watch your awnings carefully or keep the, in, and if you are camping make sure your tent is well secured!  Sandstone cliffs line the campground and there are several dunes to play on as well.

From the campground you can hike Entrada Canyon Trail to Valley of the Goblins.  It's an easy 1.5 mile hike (one way) through a canyon where you will see and explore goblins that are not otherwise accessible.

(A little off trail exploring)

The Valley of Goblins is seriously one of nature's finest playgrounds.  Our kids loved playing "American Ninja Warrior) and pretended some of the canyons were The Warp Wall.  Plan on spending at least an hour exploring, but you could easily spend a full day there.  

There is an outhouse facility at the Valley of Goblins, but no water so make sure you pack plenty (and remember you still have a 1.5 mile walk back to the campground).  Don't forget fuel for your adventures!
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