Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Date Nights

I absolutely LOVE our children.  I find it extremely difficult to leave them with anyone at all and really feel as though part of me is missing when they are not around.  But, I LOVE my husband, too.  The hardest part for me as a new mommy was to find the balance between my duty as wife and mom (and I'm certainly not perfect at it yet).  I am thankful that my husband still takes me on dates.  Those quiet moments that we steal away together have done wonders for our marriage.  It is a time for us to reconnect and to focus on us as husband and wife - to share our dreams, vision, and heart with one another. 
So, what did he have planned for our date?  It started with a bike ride on the newly finished bike trail (along the riverfront), was followed by a lovely dinner (we had to stop home for me to feed Bekkah, so we changed clothes and cleaned up), and ended with coffee at our local bookstore :o)  For us, it was the perfect evening!

Some dear we saw along the trail.  So peaceful and beautiful!

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