Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make-it-Monday: Stuffed Turtle Toy

(Yes, I am aware that it is no longer Monday, but sometimes days just do not go exactly as planned and children do not get to bed on time.  I finished this project just a little too late last night and sleep seemed way more important than posting this while it was still Monday!)

On Friday I mentioned my friend's blog: Just a Little Something Betsy.  Not sure if any of you checked out her blog, but on it she has this adorable Stuffed Turtle.  I just love it when you can make projects out of scraps, and Betsy said it took about 2 hours (which is all the spare time I have in a day - if that!).  I chose my material and cut out the pattern whenever I had a few spare moments during the day.  Once the kids FINALLY went to bed, I started sewing.  It is definitely very easy to make.  I did finish it in under two hours, and I even learned how to do a blind stitch (I have always just whip stiched, but this is definitely a much nicer finish!!!). 

So, here's my little turtle creation:

Fun, right?
Happy Sewing!

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Betsy said...

so glad you had fun! (and that my time estimate was about right, lol!)

As I was making it... I wondered about all those itty-bitty scraps of fabric we end up with and thought about saving them to use as stuffing... maybe not on this project cause it would make a lumpy shell, but figured I'd pass the thought along to a frugal mamma like you! (And I have no idea how long it would take to collect, OR if it would work... but hey :-P)