Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Snow, Hearts, and More!

It snowed in Central Arkansas again this week!  What a crazy winter we are having.  Since EVERYTHING shuts completely down with even the "chance" of snow, we spent a lot of time indoors at home.  I had put away our snowmen and penguin activities, but pulled them back out to celebrate the snow.

Below "M" is working on a snowman shapes match-up from http://www.itsybitsyprintables.com/.  This website always has wonderful printables for the tots.  We also used the Snowman Uppercase Cards, Snowflakes ( so many things you can do with these - drop them from the couch/chair and have child catch them in a bucket, count them, sort them, etc.), Five Litte Snowmen, and Snowmen 1 to 10 (which is seen in the third picture below).

We then painted a snowman made from playdough.  See last week's blog for more info on how to make this.

Our final snow project of the week was making snow ice cream, which you can read about here.  "M" enjoys practicing pouring from one cup/bowl to another.

The following Daddy's Little Lovebug idea I got from http://www.adventuringsmiths.blogspot.com/.  The photos were taken before we put on the pipe cleaner antennae but you can get the idea.

 And our last craft of the week, a Puffy Heart, was taken from 365 Preschool Crafts and Activities.   What fun this turned out to be! By the end of it we had shredded paper ALL over the house!

Reuse an old paper grocery bag.  Cut two hearts and staple, glue, or tape them together leaving an opening at the bottom.  Decorate as you wish.  Stuff with something else you can reuse/recycle (we used shredded bills!).  Staple, glue, or tape shut.


Theprincessandthetot said...

Adore your "Daddy's Little Love Bug" pictures and the stuffed heart is just so cute. I love the picture of your little one stuffing it with the shredded paper. Fun week!

Lea Ann said...

Chandler looked at the shredded paper and said "They made a mess!!" Very cute!!

Jessica Baker said...

We did make a mess! But it was fun and Makenzie helped carry it all out to the compost pile.

Brandi said...

I really like that last idea! :) And I am going to go look at some of those other sites in just a minute!