Saturday, January 22, 2022

Israel Homeschool Unit Study: Geography and Cultures

Welcome to 2022!!! We wrapped up 2021 with a short unit study on Canada (sorry, no blog post yet) followed by a Christmas in Germany Unit Study. I think it was fitting that we happened to start off 2022 with a unit study of Israel. Throughout our study of Israel we were reminded of God's provision, plan, love, and the hope we have in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We started with reading about Israel in our Passport to the World book, which we read in the small shelter the kids built in the woods. We are doing the 1,000 Hours Outside challenge this year, so you can expect to see us doing more and more of our schooling outside. Anyone else taking the challenge?!?

I chose a few books from the library that we sprinkled in throughout the week. Israel ABCs is a wonderful book giving a broad view of the people and places in Israel. Everybody Says Shalom also takes you on a tour of historical places in Israel. We pulled up some YouTube videos on some of the places mentioned in the book. We also watched "Lessons from the Land: the Gospels" by Barry Britnell on PureFlix, which took us on a tour of some of the more popular Holy Land sites. 

The Two Brothers: A Legend of Jerusalem is a heartwarming tale of sibling love.

The futility of hatred and power of love was one of the main themes of our main read aloud for the week: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. While this is a longer book, it was enjoyed by all our kids. This first century historical novel can be used to dive deeper and discuss other topics:
*Roman soldiers
*Zealots, Maccabees, Pharisees, and bandits
*Trades: Fishing, Blacksmithing
*The Gospels
*Jewish law
*Jewish festivals, including Day of Atonement
*Weapons and Catapults
*Family and Friendship
*Revenge vs. Love
*Geography of Israel

What's better than trying out some Israeli treats while reading? The girls made these Heavenly Israeli Date Squares. They were rich and delicious!

For art, we watched several YouTube videos on stone mosaics, and then each child used stones and or shells to create a mosaic in plaster of paris.

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