Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tot School Tuesday: Ii is for Inchworms

What a fun week of Tot School we had!!!  It was a week of the Letter "Ii": inch, inchworm, ice, inside, and more!

Ii is For Inchworm Coloring Page

She glued together rulers to create the letter "I" and then added an inchworm. 

Ii is for Inchworm Pom-Pom Craft
Using pom-poms, "M" made the letter "i" and an inchworm.

Measuring in Inches
We measured several pieces of pretend play fruits and vegetables.
I also cut up pieces of ribbon between 1 and 5 inches which she measured and put in size order.  This was a great activity because it is self-correcting (if she measured wrong her ribbons would not increase in size).

This idea, and instructions, came from Homeschool Creations.

We had beautiful weather, so we went outside to play with our garden sensory bin.  How wonderful to not have rice tracked through the whole house!

I-SPY in the Ice
This idea was inspired by Counting Coconuts.  It was a fun activity, but really took the whole day!  We would come back after meal times and nap times to continue working at chipping away pieces of ice.  We used salt and warm water to help melt the ice.

I mixed a few squirts of paint in water and froze in little plastic containers (old Gerber baby food containers).  We tried to paint with these on paper, but that did not work the best so I grabbed some spare cloth from my sewing room and we had a lot of fun painting on that and the finished painting was beautiful.  "Boo" wasn't sure that she liked her hands getting so cold.

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youre creativity amazes me