Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekends are for Running

I love to run!  In fact, I just love working out in general.  It is how I de-stress and have some "me" time (even though the kiddos are usually right in front of me in the jogging stroller).  It allows me to clear my mind, to think, and to pray.  It makes me feel good (love those endorphins!) and energizes me.  About 6 weeks ago I completed my first triathlon!  Well, I have trouble finding time to train for something that big all the time, but I do enjoy running 5K's here and there on the weekend.  5K's are perfect because they are short enough that I can train for them with my children (3 miles is about their limit for being able to sit still in the jogging stroller.  After that they usually start pulling each others hair or get very cranky and it causes more stress for me than it relieves!).  I recently recruited my sister-in-law and nephew to start running these with me too!  They are fun, family events and a healthy way for us to spend the day.  Most of the time I head straight from the race to the Farmer's Market - what a great way to start the weekend!

Time: 26:37
2nd Place in Age Group
Female Rank: 12/107

"M" loves being chased through the fields by Uncle "J".  She also found a stick and a puddle of water, which made for one happy little girl! 

 "Boo's" favorite part is the food and playing with Mommy's medal.

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