Tuesday, March 23, 2021

WWII Part 3: D-Day and Resistance Fighters

We continued our study of World War 2 using MasterBooks America’s Story 3 as our backbone. Even though our focus this year is on American History, I still felt that it was important to expand upon this subject and understand what was going on in other countries as well. I decided that while we were learning about D-Day we would also read some historical fiction that focused on the French resistance.

The Magic Treehouse books are enjoyed by all our kids. They are quick reads and spark curiosity. The World At War Magic Treehouse Super Edition was the perfect introduction to tie in D-Day and the French Resistance. The front cover shows Jack and Annie parachuting into France. So on one rainy afternoon we decided that we were going to explore paratroopers of WW2 a little bit more. We watched the US Army Paratrooper training video. 

We made paratroopers out of army men and coffee filters. And all week long the kids played on their jungle gym and jumped off pretending to be paratroopers. 

CREATIVE WRITING PROMPT: You just parachuted behind enemy lines... finish the story. 

We then watched several YouTube videos of D-Day. On one of the videos the soldier talked about low crawling to safety once he hit the ground. We watched an Army training video on low crawling, and then the girls set up a low crawling training course in our bedroom.

We discussed couriers of the French Resistance and how sometimes you would have to quickly hide or camouflage yourself or your bike to stay hidden from Nazi soldiers. Our kids were riding their bikes in the back yard pretending to be couriers when a member of the French resistance approached them with the V is for Victory sign and warned them that Nazi soldiers were coming down the road. They quickly had to ditch their bikes and hurry into my house to hide.

We discussed air raids and the sounds of World War 2

We read Twenty and Ten, another heart warming story of bravery and courage during the French Resistance. Learn for your Life has an activity guide with some engaging activities and questions, which we used to help study the book. 

Our boys are also huge Curious George fans, so we read The Journey that Saved Curious George and followed their travels on our globe.

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