Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tot School Tuesday: LH2H Unit 5

"M" is 3 years, 2 months
"Boo" is 1 year, 9 months

Unit 5 in Little Hands to Heaven is mostly a review of the Letters A-D and covers the story of young Joseph from the time his father gave him a coat of many colors until the time he was in prison (Genesis 37-39). 

Craft: Painting Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
I cut a paper towel to look like a coat, and the girls painted it using q-tips.

Number 5 Page: Joseph was sold to be a slave. 
From a magazine, cut out 5 purses or wallets and glue to the Number 5 Page.  "M" did all of the cutting and gluing by herself this week!

Math Activity: Coins
Joseph's brothers were jealous, so they sold him for money.  Inside of a ball of moon dough I hid 5 each of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  "M" had to find the coins and sort them according to their kind.  She then picked any five coins she wanted and used a crayon to make a rubbing of the coins.

Melissa & Doug's Big Button Number Fun

Melissa & Doug's Sound Puzzles

Colander and Pipe Cleaners

Number Sorting:

Clay and Wikki Stix:
"M" said she wanted to make a bumblebee.  I think she did a pretty good job!

Number Mats:
I used Homeschool Creation's Number Playdough Mats, only the girls covered the numbers with beads rather than playdough and they had to get the appropriate number of beads into the cup using strawberry pickers.

2-Person Parachute:
I ordered this through Achievement Products and it was by far the highlight of the week!

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