Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tot School Tuesday: Kk is for Kindness

The best way to teach and learn "Kindness" is to practice it!  We started off the week making a care package for one of "M's" friends whose baby sister was having heart surgery.  "M" got to go choose some things from around the house and go to the store to pick out a few activities for her to assemble into a bag to deliver to her friend.  "Fruity Bear" was on the lookout all week for acts of kindness (picking up without Mommy asking, sharing, complimenting, helping, etc.) and was quick to hand out stickers.  We had a few quiet mornings at the house where "tot school time" was more structured, but I only took pictures one of those days, so here's a look into one of our mornings.

We sing many, many songs during circle time, but one of our favorite during this "Fruit of the Spirit" study has been the "Fruit Tree" song.  I hand out a pair of fruit (purchased for $1 a piece at Wal-Mart) to each of us and we sing the song accordingly.  Here's how it goes:
"Way up high in the *orange tree
Two little *oranges smiled at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the *oranges
Mmmmm... they were good!"
(*replace oranges with the name of any other fruit tree, such as lemons, pears, bananas, etc.)

I said I was going to start doing this weekly, and so far, so good!  Here is a look into our bag this week:
Aa is for Alligator
Bb is for Ball
Cc is for Camera
Dd is for Duck
Ee is for Elephant
Ff is for Fire Hat
Gg is for Game
Hh is for Helicopter
Ii is for Ice Pack
Jj is for Jingle Bells
"Boo" even had fun helping us with this (she of course required a lot of guidance, but it is fun to have her participate).

We talked about how being kind means always looking for a way to extend a helping hand.  For our craft this week we traced the girls hands and glued them to the letter "K" along with a smiling face.

I made this a long long time ago for another unit, but it's great for review so we practiced matching uppercase and lowercase for letters A through K.

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