Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wellness Challenge Day 7

Congratulations!  You have survived the first week!  Today we will be taking our day of rest, and spending some time with mapping out our plans for not only the second week of the wellness challenge, but the next month, 6 months, and year. 

ANOINT:  Apply Envision to the wrists and temples.  OR, if time allows, draw yourself a warm bath.  Mix 4-6 drops of Envision with Epsom Salts or a Bath Gel Base (Morning Start Bath Gel is one of my favorites) and add to the warm bath.

***Envision stimulates creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the ability to maintain the emotional fortitude necessary to achieve goals and dreams.  Sometimes in life, for a variety of reasons, people suppress their internal drive.  Envision helps awaken and renew that drive to overcome fear and begin experiencing new, more rewarding dimensions.  Because this blend contains Sage, it should be used with caution by those individuals who are susceptible to high blood pressure, epileptic seizures, or who are pregnant.  You may consider using Hope or Into the Future instead based on your individual needs***

STUDY:  Read Psalm 37.  Highlight the actions of the believer (i.e. "Do not fret", "Trust in the Lord", "do good".)  Make a list of God's attributes and actions.

JOURNAL: What are the desires of your heart?  Write out 5 personal goals for the next week, 6 weeks, and year.

PRAY: Be still and wait patiently.  What Bible verses come to your mind?  Commit your way to the Lord. 

SHARE: A few of your goals with the group.  How can we encourage you and lift you up in prayer?  

Day 7 Checklist:
✔️Bible Study, Journal, Pray.  Map out a plan for the next week.
✔️Drink half your body weight in ounces

✔️”Clean”, nutrient dense meals.  Recommend "Whole 30" or Paleo type recipes.
✔️ Food Enzyme with 2 largest meals (we want to absorb as many nutrients and amino acids as we can from our food), then Probiotic before bed (to restore healthy gut bacteria)
✔Rest today!

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