Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tot School Tuesday: Penpals

Nothing can replace the lessons learned from having penpals... 
Reading Comprehension
Cultural Studies
Biblical Lessons - Encouragement, Selflessness, Patience, Prayer
The learning opportunities that come with writing letters  and developing relationship are almost endless!
Our girls have a couple of penpals that they write pretty regularly, but they will also write certain groups of people for special occasions.  Some of their penpals are children; others are adults.  Some live in the United States; others live halfway around the world. 
While learning is an added bonus to writing letters, it is not our primary purpose.  Almost every letter we write is carefully constructed to ENCOURAGE the reader!  We want to put a smile on someone else's face.  We want them to see the love of our Savior.
Because "M" is just learning how to write, I will usually write out most of the letter for her, with her just writing a few words or letters here and there.  "Boo" (age 2.5) participates mostly with drawing or painting a picture to tell her story. 
Looking to start a penpal relationship?
*Sponsor/adopt a child, whether it be someone in the local community that maybe has been orphaned or is in a foster program, or someone in another country that you support through an organization like Compassion International or World Vision.
*Ask your church for a list of homebounds that could use some encouragement.
*Ask your local VFW for the addresses of some veterans that do not have many loved ones around.
*Pray - chances are there are several people whose path you cross everyday that would love to receive a letter from your family!
Watch these relationships grow.  Watch the excitement on your child's face when they receive a letter back in the mail.  Look for further opportunities to serve and to pray.

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