Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Preparing for Baby

Every morning when I go in to get "M" out of bed she asks, "Mommy, why is that baby still in your belly?"  She is more than ready to be the big big sister!

I am at the point where I cannot call anyone without them answering the phone with, "Are you in labor?". 

While I anxiously await the arrival of our newest blessing, I'm trying to take in all the special moments and to give thanks to God for the simple pleasures in life. 

We got a package in the mail from my Aunt of some gifts for the baby.  "M" excitedly held each one up to my belly and said "this is for your birthday, baby".  "Boo" was happy playing in the box...

On these hot days (we've had several days over 90 degrees already!), I'm thankful that the girls are content to play in the sprinkler for hours.

I'm thankful for the friendship our girls have.  It just warmed my heart when I walked into their bedroom this week and found "Boo" sitting on "M's" lap while she read her bedtime stories.  I'm praying they adjust quickly and easily to their new brother or sister, and look forward to watching the bond between them all grow.

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