Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Fruit of thy Labor

We have been working very hard on several projects outdoors these past few weeks.  With most of these projects nearing completion it is so wonderful to look back and see the fruit of our labor.  Almost all of our veggies have sprouted up in the garden, and "M" picked our first radish of the season.  We have also enjoyed some fresh spinach in our salads.  The landscaping wall (thanks to my wonderful, dear husband) is complete, and it looks beautiful (professional even!).  Half of the blueberry bushes are planted, and the rest are ready to go in the ground.  Hubby also finished the stand for the rain barrel and redirected the downspout.  There is even rain in the forcast this week, so we may just be able to fill up our rain barrel!  Praise God for blessing the work of our hands!
The girls had a blast playing on the piles of dirt as the wall came together.  Who ever said girls don't like to get dirty?!?

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