Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: CHICKS!

So thankful for some friends of ours that are letting us raise some hens on their property!  We had been wanting chickens for some time now (we love fresh eggs!), but the ordinance for our town does not allow us to.  We pray that one day we will have land and our own little homestead, but until that happens it is an incredible blessing for us to be able to keep hens there. 

The girls were beyond excited when we took them to Tractor Supply last night.  We got 3 Amberlinks and 3 Red Sex Links.  The gentleman working at the store let them pick out exactly which ones they wanted, and "M" has already named the three Amberlinks:
"Dora" - because she kept jumping up on the side of the tub and wanted to explore
"Dottie" - because she is covered in dots
"Biscuit" - because that's what "M" wanted to call her

What a joy it is to watch the girlies love on the baby chicks. 

As we were setting up their little home last night (and made a second trip to the store for some supplies we had forgotten) I realized how little we know about chicks!  Praying for God's wisdom and mercy as we raise these little chicks to hopefully produce us some eggs.

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