Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Home with our Children

I know we are just beginning to dip our feet into the raising children and homeschooling world, but what a blessing and a joy it has already been to our family.  A few days ago I had to go get a new ID card.  The woman working there asked me if I was a stay-at-home mom and if I planned to homeschool our children.  She proceeded with questions like:
 "How in the world do you survive all day with them?"
"Don't they drive you crazy?"
"Do they actually listen to you?"
Well, yes, there are time when they drive me crazy and when I wish I had some "time off".  And there are days when they don't seem to listen to a word I'm saying or obey even the simplest of commands.  Some days I do feel like all I do is discipline.  But, I know that "M" and "Boo" are the blessings God has given me thus far, and I know my time with them is fleeting.  I can hardly believe "M" is already three years old.  She was marching around the house in a dress-up wedding dress the other day saying "Bye bye mommy, I'm off to get married!"  I cried.  I know that day will probably come all too quickly.  These are the most precious years to train them and mold them.  I love watching them learn, discover, and grow.  In school this week "M" discovered that when you mix yellow and blue you get green.  This was her reaction:
What fun to share in her joy and discovery!  What a blessing!

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