Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekends are for Family Worship

Each morning and/or night we try to have Family Worship together.  This is not something that I grew up doing and in the beginning it seemed like an impossible task, especially with little ones.  Oh how hard it was in the beginning!  The girls would scream, cry, throw fits, talk, and certainly not sit still.  But I wanted to be faithful to the Lord and His direction in this area, so I kept up with the discipline and prayed a lot.  Slowly we have made improvements and it is a joyful time in our home.  "M" enjoys singing songs and "Boo" usually beats along on one of her instruments.  The girls have been trained to sit quietly and listen as we read a passage of scripture.  To help them learn to listen, each night I pick out one key word (for example, last night we read Acts 1 and the key word was "witnesses"), and if they hear the word and raise their hand, they are awarded a sticker.  We conclude each time by praying together.  I just love hearing "M's" requests.  What a sweet time!  We are certainly no where near perfect in this area, but we are seeking the Lord and praying that this time in His Word and praising Him is pleasing to Him.  What does Family Worship look like in your home?

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Angelia said...

great job jessica. i have seen a big difference in them the past 3weeks.