Monday, August 22, 2011

Daddy's Little Girls

Perhaps the best part of R&R was watching my husband with our chidren.  "M" lights up in the presence of her daddy.  She is confident, sparky, and his little princess.  "Boo" too blossomed with her daddy home - learning new words and trying new things.  Seeing the girls with their daddy filled my heart with so much joy these past two weeks.  What a blessing it was to have our family together.  I wrote this poem for "Daddy" and his little princess(es).

She has her flag dress on and does a little spin
Grabs her handmade flags and a patriotic pin
Her daddy’s coming home from a war faraway
Mommy’s trying hard to keep her emotions at bay
She’s daddy’s little girl and has not been the same
Since the day that daddy’s mission came
But in just a few hours he’ll be home again
She’s trying to be as patient as a little girl can
Arrive at the airport and head to the gate
She watches and waves her flag as we wait
He’s here, he’s arrived, and off she goes
Shouting “I Love You Daddy” as they draw close
A tear falls as he kneels down with arms opened wide
She hugs him and cuddles in by his side
They tell stories and laugh as they head to the car

Daddy and his princess – how precious they are!


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